Did The Aliens Accidentally Killed Themselves?

aliens killed themselves

Did the aliens accidentally kill themselves? With at least 100 billion planets in the Milky Way, you’d think at least one would have produced a race of intelligent alien beings. So how come we’ve never seen signs of space aliens even after decades of SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) research? Scientists have long puzzled over

The Aurora UFO Incident Of 1897


The Texas Aurora UFO Incident is quite fascinating and speaks of the crash of something and the burial of a mall body the six of a child, in the cemetery of this small town. There we find the story of a local cemetery that once claimed to hold a body from an 1897 UFO crash.

Alien Abductions: Research And Historical Cases

alien abductions

Alien Abductions. To understand the abduction experience is to understand that we are one of many biogenetic experiments in a simulation we believe is real. Aliens are a subroutine in that simulation interacting with humans in endless ways,  based on the bipolar (electromagnetic) nature of reality at the physical level. Alien encounters, abductions and experiments

Cosmonaut Marina Popovich Discloses UFOs

Marina Popovitch

Marina Popovitch Confession: Motherships And Crash-Landed UFO’s In The USSR. Confession of an ex-military Soviet test pilot reveals the hidden secret of crash-landed UFO’s and interconnecting Motherships over Russia. Marina explains that she was a military test pilot of the Soviet Air Force. She came forward and spoke on Soviet Close Encounters during here 30

MJ-12 Documents: Why Such A Fuss?

The MJ-12 documents may be a case of someone conspiring to create a conspiracy. On December 11, 1984, TV Producer Jaime Shandera found two documents stamped TOP SECRET in his mailbox. One was dated September 24, 1947, the other November 18, 1952. The first was signed by President Harry Truman. The second was addressed to

Alien Abduction And Telepathic Contact

 While both alien abduction and telepathic contact may leave the victims with exactly the same memories and lingering fears, the events differ substantially in that the abductee’s experience was on primarily a physical level and the telepathic contact was on a purely mental level. Abducted! Are intelligence agencies responsible? Thousands of ordinary people claim to

TLO Or UFO Over San Diego, California

TLO Stands For Terminal Learning Objectives Was it a TLO or a UFO? At about 3:15 am Sunday morning, the 6th of December, 1992, residents of Bay Park and Pacific Beach, areas of San Diego, California, were awakened by the lights in their homes flashing on and off and appliances, radios and television sets turning themselves

Designing A Deep-Space UFO

Let’s design a deep-space ufo SPACE REQUIREMENTS: Our deep-space UFO must be large enough to house a human crew of 10 or 12 comfortably for a long period of time (several months). It must contain life support systems, food and water processing equipment, navigation equipment, medical facilities, recreation facilities, waste recycling facilities, science and photographic divisions,

You Have UFO Video Tapes But Did You Really See It?

 You have ufo video tapes to back your sighting up! Sighting! You have ufo video tapes but did you really see it? A crowd of  people wait in the chill darkness of the desert night near Groom Lake, Nevada for a brief glimpse of a UFO. Bundled into blankets and thermal coats, they make small talk,

An Alien Called The Stenonychosaurus

Stenonychosaurus has been credited with being the most intelligent dinosaur. Compared with most others, it had a relatively large brain, although the excess brain volume was probably not concerned with reasoning and other activities that could be called “intelligence.” Stenonychosaurus had large eyes, slender flexible fingers, and a light body. The brain was probably concerned