UK: London Photographer Guide – By Jason Row

London Photographer Guide.  Today we are going to take a look at some of the more iconic locations to shoot from and discuss best time of day and position in which to shoot from.

london photography

london photographer guide
The Southbank at sunset is an ideal location to shoot Parliament

One of the world’s most iconic locations is also one of the most photogenic. Its riverfront position enables wide angle shots encompassing Westminster bridge, whilst on the northern side of the Thames, in Parliament Square a different range of views are available. The sun light falls on the waterfront side of parliament at dawn and early morning and sets behind the building at the end of the day.

london eye
The London Eye is photogenic from many angles

This more modern London icon can be photographed from the Embankment on the north side of the river for the sweeping views. This view is best in the late afternoon and early evening. The wheel is spectacularly lit at night and long exposure shots can lead to some great images as the wheel rotates.

tower bridge
There are no issues using a tripod on Tower Bridge so long as you do not obstruct the pavement

There are numerous spectacular views, both wide and close to be had in a wander through The City, the financial heart of London. On weekdays there is the hustle and bustle of money being made and traditions being kept. At weekends the place becomes deserted allowing for a more relaxed wander through the streets.

st pauls
St. Pauls is another shot where it’s worth thinking outside the box

This magnificent cathedral can be tricky to shoot, hemmed in as it is by the narrow streets of the city. Some of the best views are from the south side of the Thames near Tate Modern and incorporating the Millennium Bridge. However, there are again tripod restrictions here so night shots are a no no.

canary wharf
Canary Wharf is spectacular at night

London’s new financial district rose out of the derelict docks in the early 90’s. Building here is incessant and the skyline is constantly changing. Shooting on Canary Wharf can be an issue for two reasons, firstly there is so much architecture packed together and secondly, as private land there is an army of over zealous security guards who all have different definitions of professional cameras.

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