Fiji: Heritage And Culture

Fiji has captivating traditions and belief systems, and the friendly nature of its people can truly offer a special holiday experience.



Fijians are generally relaxed and casual in their mannerisms. Even so, it is still considered polite to follow certain forms of etiquette. For instance, you should always wear modest attire when visiting a village in order to avoid appearing ostentatious. Promptly remove your hat when standing before a chief to show the utmost respect. Like with many Asian cultures, all shoes should be removed and left outside before entering a home. Never touch the head of another person, even if it is done so affectionately. Also, when visiting a village, always bring a gift of kava root for the chief’s household to mix into a delicious local drink.

Fiji Village


The people of Fiji conduct many different types of ceremonies. One of the most popular ceremonies involves different tribesmen methodically creating a drink mixed with kava to be served to the chief. Another ceremony showcasing traditional Fiji heritage involves a feast using a cooking pit (also known as a “lovo”) to cook wholesome meals using meats such as pork, lamb and fish. Meke, the traditional dance style of Fiji, is often performed during special ceremonies.

Fiji Dance

Days of Recognition

Fiji acknowledges a number of special days during the year. Fiji Day, which is celebrated in October, commemorates the nation’s independence. Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna Day is celebrated in May in honour of Fiji’s famed chief and statesman. Fiji still recognises its previous ties to Great Britain by celebrating the Queen’s Official Birthday in June.

Fiji Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna Day
Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna Day

Places to Visit in Fiji

There are many captivating places to visit around Fiji. The nation is perhaps best known for its plentiful beaches featuring soft sand and gorgeous views of the ocean. For religious sites, try visiting the beautiful Hindu temple of Sri Siva Subramaniya and St. John’s Catholic Church. Navala is one of the best examples of a traditional Fijian village still in existence. The Fiji Museum displays many artefacts representing the nation’s history. The caves of Naihere can also be explored. Other important landmarks include Fiji Parliament House, the Tamavua Underground Hospital and the Suva City Library.

Fiji Hindu temple of Sri Siva Subramaniya
Hindu Temple Of Sri Siva Subramaniya






Suva City Carnegie Library
Suva City Carnegie Library


Suva Temple
Suva Temple

Travel Options

Many all-inclusive holiday packages offer Fiji flights and hotels at very reasonable prices. During your stay, take a boat to explore all of the nation’s islands. Taking a bus is another workable form of transport. A car hire can also easily be arranged.

Spending holidays in Fiji will certainly provide a travel experience like no other. The magnificent sites and alluring culture of the people offer a special blend that only Fiji can provide.


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