Greece: Things To Do In Athens

In Athens, ancient and modern cultures coexist in harmony. The capital of Greece impresses any traveler, thanks to the typical energy of a big city, with the advantage of being surrounded by beautiful beaches and impressive monuments. A city that offers you countless opportunities to immerse yourself in History and to better understand the past

Russia: White Night Celebrations In St. Petersburg

White night celebrations wouldn’t be so tremendous without the official festival that takes place in St Petersburg every year! The White Nights Festival runs from May through July, or the beginning of August. During that time tourist and visitors that takes to the city can enjoy a number of night-time cultural events, including: Scarlet Sails

Shore Excursions in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Shore Excursions in San Juan del Sur. Tourism in Nicaragua is on the up. Every year, more and more people are visiting this beautiful country. Nicaragua has stepped out of the Cold War shadow and is fast becoming the hottest destinations in Latin America. It’s not hard to see why Nicaragua is blessed with amazing natural

Armenia: 48 hours in Yerevan

Yerevan can be perplexing. Its neoclassical squares conjure Vienna, while its wide boulevards brim with Parisian élan. There’s no escaping the sprawl of brutal high-rises that shoulder its Soviet past, yet recent investment has embalmed the city’s rougher edges with glinting streets, a cable car and arts’ centre, all begging for exploration. Yerevan is known

Thailand: Temples Of Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai offers great memories, friendly locals, beautiful scenery, and 300 awe-inspiring temples. If you don’t have time or the energy to visit all 300 temples, there are definitely some must see temples, which should be on your list. Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Chiang Man and Wat Phan Tao are beautiful temples located within the

Croatia: Short Break To Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik is a magnificent walled Croatian city located in the southern part of the Adriatic coast. This small city is the most popular Mediterranean short break destination. It welcomes thousands of visitors each year who come to enjoy its medieval charms and the Mediterranean sun. What makes Dubrovnik ideal for short breaks, is its small

Vietnam: Phu Quoc Is The Largest Vietnam Island

vietnam phu quoc

Phu Quoc Island is situated in the Gulf of Thailand. Located off the southern coast of Vietnam and Cambodia, it is the largest island in Vietnam. The 48 km long and 28 km wide island is closer to the Cambodian mainland than Vietnam. Phu Quoc Island forms a triangular shape and to the west of it

USA: Caught In A Time Warp Of The Gulf Coast

Caught in a time warp. Where on earth does one go nowadays to savor the delights of old world charm, good manners, friendly service and a pace of life that pre-dates the digital age ? Well, contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to go to quiet backwaters like the West of Ireland or New

New Zealand: Experience The Culture Of The Cook Islands

Cook Islands

The Culture Of The Cook Islands. Experiencing a new culture is the best part of holidaying overseas. It’s exhilarating to escape the beach or pool and immerse yourself in a new location. The Pacific Islands are a perfect place to travel if you’re looking for a mix of relaxation and adventure. Vanuatu, Samoa and Fiji;

Fiji: Heritage And Culture


Fiji has captivating traditions and belief systems, and the friendly nature of its people can truly offer a special holiday experience. Etiquette Fijians are generally relaxed and casual in their mannerisms. Even so, it is still considered polite to follow certain forms of etiquette. For instance, you should always wear modest attire when visiting a

Britain: Scarborough The First Ever Holiday Resort

Britain Scarborough

Britain: Scarborough, the first holiday resort! Once ‘the’ place to go for a traditional seaside holiday, the old Victorian town of Scarborough was Britain’s first ever holiday resort. It has been welcoming visitors for over 360 years still draws the crowds in their droves and today it is a delightful bustling seaside town catering for the

Vietnam: Hanoi Photography Destinations

Hanoi Photography Destinations

Hanoi Photography Destinations. Wandering around Hoan Kiem Lake on a sunny Sunday afternoon, you will catch sight of many young men with their professional cameras stick to their eyes and beautiful young girls in their fancy clothes attractively posing. As a matter of fact, photography is now becoming more and more popular in Vietnam nowadays,

Australia: Sydney Tourist Attractions


Sydney tourist attractions. Sydney, Australia is famous for its magnificent nature and two landmark structures, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sydney is built around its huge harbor where most of the main attractions and the city center are located at the southern shore. It is a beautiful city and you’ll find

USA: Florida Keys: From Key Largo to Key West

Florida Keys

Florida Keys: from Key Largo to Key West. Located between Cuba, ninety miles to their southeast, and the Florida mainland to the northeast, the chain of small islands known as the Florida Keys has been attracting visitors since the 1500s. The first noteworthy visitor was Juan Ponce de Léon, who found the Florida Keys and

Vietnam: Hue – A City of Awesome Monuments

Vietnam Hue And Hoi An

I have searched the magazines and browsed the internet in search for the best place to visit during my vacation and the country I have chosen was Vietnam. The reason why I have decided to spend my holiday to the country is the remarkable city of Hue. The city is a dwelling place for tons of

Indonesia: Bali At A glance


Bali is a province in the country of Indonesia, lying between Java and Lombok island. With a population almost 4 millions people, mostly balinese people embrace Balinese Hinduism religion. It is also the largest tourist destination in the country, with the Ngurah Rai international airport as the only and the main gate for tourists whom come

Italy: The Beauty Of The Marche Region

Le Marche

The Beauty Of The Marche Region. Amongst all the countries present in glorious Europe, Italy has to be one of the most attractive of the lot. It has something for everyone and you can expect nothing lesser than one of the best experiences every time you visit the area. Depending on where you go, there will

France: Best Clubs In Paris


There are millions of things to do in Paris. The city blossoms with art and history, exudes sophistication, and is the most fashionable place on the planet! But just like the boarding school socialite arriving for her first year in college, the city does have a wild side. The bars might close at 2am, but a

China: Shenzhen Top Attractions

China Shenzhen City

China Shenzhen. Situated in the Southern tip of China and bordering Hong Kong, this city is one of the youngest yet the most developed cities of China. Capturing the cultural richness of China along with its growing economic boom, this city is an authentic reflection of the modern China. With beautiful themed parks, thick forests and